Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Signs of the End Times! (Latest Breaking News - November 2015)

Signs of the End Times! (Latest Breaking News - November 2015)
President Obama will meet with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday for the first time since the U.S. ratified a nuclear deal with Iran. Earlier this year, Netanyahu outraged the White House when he urged Congress members to reject the agreement. Now, the leaders plan to address the tensions between the two countries, but expectations are low.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US president Barack Obama in Washington Monday. It's the two leaders first face-to-face in thirteen months. On the agenda is regional unrest, the volatile Israeli-Palestinian relations, a billion dollar defense aid boost for Israel, and mending fences.

Activists scuffle with riot police in central London as thousands take part in a "Million Mask March" anti-capitalist demonstration.

About 200 protesters loosely aligned with anti-capitalist hackivisit group "Anonymous" march to the White House in Washington DC.

Residents in California saw a bright light in the sky Saturday evening, leaving many to believe it was a UFO sighting. Navy officials say they fired an unarmed missile off the coast of Southern California.

A clothing store in Gaza City, 'Hitler 2', is displaying merchandise on masked mannequins, some with knives taped to their hands.

Heavy downpours and strong winds have left a trail of destruction in Texas and Oklahoma.

IAI unveils unprecedented radar system as long-range ballistic missile threats increase

Netanyahu to Obama: Israel has not given up hope for a two-state solution

Luxembourg's Foreign Minister has claimed the European Union could collapse shortly.

A cave-in of a restaurant parking lot in Mississippi swallowed 12 cars and now experts are expected to begin work Monday to determine the cause of the weekend collapse, authorities said.

Pope Francis had to be helped up the steps to an altar at a Rome basilica on Monday, the second time he had fallen publicly since Saturday.

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